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Teague de La Plaine spent time as a Marine Corps intelligence and special missions officer, merchant ship captain, writer, actor, performing musician, and globetrotting, seafaring, adventurous rapscallion. He lives near the sea with his wife and three little rascals.

On my exclusive Storyslinger newsletter and podcast, I share thoughts on writing, new and upcoming releases, excerpts from my work, serial fiction and other private access stories, and discussions about character development and the creative process.

I’m working on new songs, recording tracks, and having a lot of fun with live music. And I’d like to come to see you. Play my songs for you--in your home. My favorite thing to do is house concerts, where I can really get to know the people in the audience.

I've been writing forever. But I've also been editing that whole time--both my own work and the works of others. If you need help with a story, a business letter, resume, or anything else, I can probably help.

A little less formal, a little more intimate--and way more personal. This is the place to go if you want to learn more about me as a person.