The Storyslinger

Puckish indie writer Teague de La Plaine wandered up to the Crossroads, dusty boots leaving inch-deep prints in the soft sand.

A voice called out, “What now?”

The choices were simple. Straight ahead lie more of the same: after more than twenty years in the Marines, the straight path was one of continued government service, a thirty- or forty-year retirement, a few years’ worth of leisure, and death.

Death also lay along both the right and left paths. But the in-between, the time between this choice and death, were far different.

The left-hand way, labeled with a tired sign hanging askew that read, “Vagabond,” led to the abandonment of everything (family, obligations, work, purpose) and a life of wandering.

The right-hand way was the most challenging. That way lay hard work, failure, and uncertainty. But it promised at least the chance, however slight, of great achievement and even wealth. But most importantly, it beckoned with the idea that a creative life was a productive life and that the act of creating was in itself a gift of personal wealth and achievement.

The sign read, “Artist.”

Kicking his boots against one another in a futile attempt to knock away some of the evidence of the hard road he had already traveled, the writer smiled, turned right, and starting walking, never once looking back.

Teague de La Plaine spent time as a Marine Corps intelligence and special missions officer, merchant ship captain, performing musician, and globetrotting, seafaring, adventurous rapscallion. He lives near the sea with his wife and three little rascals.

The name Teague originates in the Welsh name Tagdh, meaning bard (also from Welsh: bardd). A bard was one of an ancient Celtic order of storytellers who recited verses about the exploits, often legendary, of their tribes. I’m happy to take up that mantle, creating a rich tapestry of tall tales spanning genres.

My Paranormal Activity Research Center (PARC) series follows an intrepid and ever-changing group of misfits as they track down, study, and protect the rest of us from the spooky world hiding in the shadows.

My Space Force Recondo series explores humanity as it might be in an AI-controlled future through the eyes of a lone warrior monk wandering from planet to planet, fixing what’s broken.

My standalone stories explore themes and concepts that offer a glimpse of truth or insight through their own unique lenses.