Praise for The Sea at Sunrise:

"This book challenged me to think about how I am making the most of my life. It reminded me of how fleeting life is and that moments should be cherished. The author’s descriptive details made the sunrises come alive in my own mind."

—Jessica R.

#1 Amazon Bestseller!

A battle with cancer. A struggle to weave a meaningful tapestry out of the threads of life. And a woman fighting simply to see the sun come up over the ocean one last time.

Josephine Kerner, a retired school teacher and widow, lies dying in a hospital on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Between visits from her surly nurse, estranged daughter, innocent granddaughter, and long-dead husband, Eddie, Jo explores the meaning of her life, the impact she may have made, and how she thinks she will be remembered. But more important to her is a promise she made to Eddie: to remember every sunrise she’s seen and tell him all about them when they are together again. Is today’s sunrise the last—or will there be a chance to see just one more?

The Sea at Sunrise is a poignant look at how we cope with dying and the legacy we leave behind. If you like a story steeped in philosophy, joie de vivre, and hope, then you will love Teague de La Plaine’s heartfelt and poetic farewell story of love, life, and loss.

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