Space Force Recondo Series

A violent attack on a remote human colony. A corrupt colonial official. And a lone special operations advisor sent to uncover the truth and ultimately save the colony.

Chief Warrant Officer Rave Dekko, Space Force Reconnaissance Commando (Recondo), might be just the kind of warrior monk you want to see dropping out of orbit when things on-planet are getting out of hand. But what if the problem is of your own doing? Rave lands on a remote colony planet on orders to investigate an attack on the colony by indigenous creatures called skwatch. Believing the attack to be an isolated event, Rave soon discovers that human-skwatch interactions are more pervasive—and sinister—than he was led to believe.

Now he has two problems: prepare the colony for defense against the indigenous creatures, and navigate the political landscape where corrupt officials and unscrupulous colonists take advantage of every resource available. Ultimately, Rave and his rascally rule-bending AI starship have to sort out all the issues before the skwatch decide to attack again.

ADVISOR is the first book in the Space Force Recondo military science fiction series. If you enjoy shows like Kung Fu and the Lone Ranger and can imagine them set in the far future on distant planets, then Teague de La Plaine’s gritty, bold—and sometimes violent—new series is one you will love.

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The Sea At Sunrise

Amazon Bestseller!

A battle with cancer. A struggle to weave a meaningful tapestry out of the threads of life. And a woman fighting simply to see the sun come up over the ocean one last time.

Josephine Kerner, a retired school teacher and widow, lies dying in a hospital on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Between visits from her surly nurse, estranged daughter, innocent granddaughter, and long-dead husband, Eddie, Jo explores the meaning of her life, the impact she may have made, and how she thinks she will be remembered. But more important to her is a promise she made to Eddie: to remember every sunrise she’s seen and tell him all about them when they are together again. Is today’s sunrise the last—or will there be a chance to see just one more?

THE SEA AT SUNRISE is a poignant look at how we cope with dying and the legacy we leave behind. If you like a story steeped in philosophy, joie de vivre, and hope, then you will love Teague de La Plaine’s heartfelt and poetic farewell story of love, life, and loss.

Get your copy of THE SEA AT SUNRISE to follow Jo’s emotional journey today!

Vodou Princess

Paranormal Activity Research Center Series

A failed voodoo priest, hungry for power, cracks open a portal to the Underworld. A misfit band of paramilitary demon hunters must find this portal—and close it—to save humanity from being consumed.

Finally escaping the workaday routine as a staff officer, Marine Lieutenant Jack Lewis arrives with his unit in war-torn Haiti to help restore order. When a mysterious group recruits him to help locate a portal leading to the Underworld, Jack is thrown from his lackluster job into a dark magic conflict no amount of military training could have prepared him for.

Will Jack and his mysterious team—along with a beautiful voodoo priestess—be able to survive in a world overrun with demons and zombies long enough to find and close the portal—and at what cost?

The first in a series of books about the Paranormal Activity Research Center (PARC), Vodou Princess takes us on a savage journey around Haiti, battling old superstitions and enduring prejudices. If you like the X Files, The A-Team, and Constantine, you’ll love Teague de La Plaine’s dark, frightening, and fast-paced new series.

Pick up VODOU PRINCESS to find out more about this group of supernatural hunters today!

Freak Outs

When the line between reality and fantasy becomes so blurred you can't tell the difference, does killing someone make you a murderer—or a saint?

Tad Peterson hated everything and everyone—but mostly himself. Living in two opposing realities, eventually, his mind has to splinter. How far will he go to live out his violent fantasies? And can he find the line between what’s real and what isn’t before he goes too far?

Freak Outs is one of Teague de La Plaine’s early short stories. It delves into the mind’s inability to distinguish reality from fantasy and the horrible consequences that might bring.

Buy your copy of Freak Outs to see how Tad Peterson handles his overactive imagination today!

Broken People

An unexplained event leaves lifeless but preserved bodies everywhere. They neither move nor decay. Only one person—a young man—is left to witness the apparent end of humanity.

A young man walks the streets of his city, alone. It looks like he’s the last person alive—even if everyone else isn’t really dead. All around him in the city are the preserved lifeless bodies of the city’s former residents. The man goes about his days, making coffee for himself at the local cafe and generally going slowly crazy. When he finally decides to go on a roadtrip to see what other cities look like, he is shocked to discover he isn’t alone after all.

One of Teague de La Plaine’s many compelling short stories, Broken People is at once funny and macabre, hopeful and despairing.

Buy a copy of Broken People to find out what may have caused the end of humanity today!

The Red Room

A teenage dare. A deadly fortune. And one man’s struggle to find his way.

After agreeing to see a frightening fortune teller, a young man learns where he’s going to die. He follows a difficult path that leads him to the point of trying to become a dictator. Along the way, he does everything he can to avoid the vague place he knows he’s going to die. Suddenly, as he hangs dying in a room painted with his own blood, he has a profound revelation.

One of Teague de La Plaine’s many excellent short stories, Red Room is a study in the human psyche and our shared inability to escape myopia.

Get Red Room to follow the young man’s story and learn what was revealed to him today!

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